The Buzbee Law Firm

Website Design and Build

There are thousands of nameless, faceless attorneys who fill the top floors of many of the office buildings in every major city in the United States — there is no one like Tony Buzbee.

That’s why we were so delighted to be involved in a project that not only has a vision and purpose, but also connects the community and gives back.

Dr. Susan

Brand Strategy, Visual Communications,
Website Design & Build

After previously working with Kubis Interactive to modernize her practice, Susan Hardwick-Smith wanted to also breathe new life into a brand concentrated on coaching and written advice. Dr. Susan is not only one of Houston’s most highly regarded businesswomen and a Texas “Top Doc”, but a highly stylized corner of the internet where women can receive sage advice on all things women’s health and womanhood.

Dominique Sachse

Rebranding: Website, Social Media, YouTube, and Media Kit

Dominique Sachse TV started in 2014 on YouTube, with the goal of simply helping her audience get an understanding of how she accomplished her unique look each and every day through helpful tips on makeup, fashion, and healthy living. Over the course of five years, Dominique partnered with Kubis to not only actively help grow her brand and develop her art direction, but also to coordinate with her on the Dominique Sachse TV website as her YouTube brand continued to excel.

Bohome Design Studio

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Social Media, Advertising, Influencer Marketing

Amanda Tucker’s Santa Fe-inspired interior design boutique didn’t require much in the way of inspired imagery and fascinating story, but it was up to Kubis to marry these concepts together as we worked to establish the brand. Working with Amanda closely, Kubis outlined the voice and communication pillars, values and strategy, and guidelines for the Bohome Interior Design Brand. We then used this guide to grow the website and digital presence of Bohome, while beginning to tell the story of Amanda and her interior design expertise in the form of organic social media.

Berg Hospitality Employee Mobile Platform

Mobile App design & Development

Expansion means growing your business at an exponential rate while making your staff feel like you are a nimble, well-oiled machine. How can you do it? Kubis Interactive and the Berg Restaurant Group paired up to create an integrated mobile platform to train, inform, and keep up to date all Berg employees.


Brand Identity & Website Design and Build

How do you make a distinctive idea in the medical landscape become a brand that you can touch and feel, especially as the brand is actively changing? purePEDIATRICS, a beloved Houston concierge pediatric practice known for changing how families receive more personalized and consistent healthcare for their children, and pureLIFE | MD, the newly established adult concierge practice in the Pure medical family. Founded by Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser, purePEDIATRICS had the fundamentals of their brand established but wanted to apply a design and brand standard that allowed for a seamless partnership with its brand new pureLIFE | MD practice, headed by Dr. Dean Nasser.

Gaining Empowerment in Middle School

Brand Strategy

For children entering middle school, life can be challenging. Yet in Houston, Texas, where hundreds of preteens are entering school with one or both of their parents incarcerated, it can be the beginning of a dangerous cycle that will permeate their lives.

The Health Museum

Website Design and Development

When Houston’s acclaimed Health Museum wanted to bring it’s family-focused design and experience to digital, Kubis Interactive was brought in (not unlike the show Magic Schoolbus) to help bring science to life. The Health Museum, known for being event and exhibit focused, wanted to make their digital presence operated in the same matter, with an experience optimized for what’s happening right now.

Complete Midlife Wellness Center

Brand Strategy, Visual Communications, Website Design
and Build, Social Media, Email Marketing,
Media Planning and Buying

Inspired to step out of her gynecological practice that she built into one of Houston’s most well-known brands, Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith opened the Complete Midlife Wellness Center with the singular focus of guiding women who were past the childbirth phase of their lives with a holistic, relationship-focused practice that emphasized the concept of being well over the normal, run-of-the-mill doctors visit.

Lone Star Flight Museum

Website Design & Build

As the Lone Star Flight Museum was set to take flight to a new facility at the Ellington Airfield, the museum needed an open source web platform and website integrations to ensure that not only would the move be smooth, but no time would be loss in the integration process. Along with the construction of a new website, Kubis Interactive worked with the Lone Star flight museum to develop a digital museum-specific functionality on their website to unveil the new locations, as well as partnering with Blackbaud software to make sure that the museum’s event and purchasing integrations worked seamlessly across all platforms. Along with optimizing the SEO for the Museum to attract new customers, Kubis Interactive works to this day to ensure functionality across the website.