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Agil Wellness

Website Design and Build,
E-commerce, Photography, Social Media

“When Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith came to us, along with launching Dr. Susan and the Complete Midlife Wellness Center websites, wanted to develop an e-commerce solution that would allow her to properly market and sell her AGIL Wellness product line. Developed as a product to financially benefit the AGIL Foundation, a charity that helps provide women in developing countries necessary medical support otherwise unavailable to them, the AGIL Wellness was made to help women approach the process of aging with optimal results.

Complete Midlife Wellness Center

Brand Strategy, Visual Communications, Website Design
and Build, Social Media, Email Marketing,
Media Planning and Buying

Inspired to step out of her gynecological practice that she built into one of Houston’s most well-known brands, Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith opened the Complete Midlife Wellness Center with the singular focus of guiding women who were past the childbirth phase of their lives with a holistic, relationship-focused practice that emphasized the concept of being well over the normal, run-of-the-mill doctors visit.


Website Design & Build

When Paper City declared that “Houston has lots of restaurants, but none of them are quite like Turner’s,” we knew in a similar vein that keeping one of the city’s premier high dining experiences fresh and innovative in it’s digital plane was a must. Like many of the other projects that Kubis and Berg Hospitality collaborated on, Turner’s wanted to ensure the atmosphere it was seeking to create physically was properly represented on it’s website. Down to ensuring the website paid homage to the carefully selected decor and waitstaff’s uniforms, the Turner’s website was a labor of love that accompanied the restaurant’s 2020 launch.

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