Brand Identity & Website Design and Build

A pediatric practice specifically designed for the little ones visiting in mind. Breaking the molds of how insurance companies and frantic parents may see overrun medical facilities, Maeville Pediatric was designed as a place to create, grow, and feel comfortable in a world designed specifically for you. Maeville was started with the belief that the medical system that asks parents to entrust their kids to providers could be better, kinder, built more for longterm health and growth. "It takes a village to raise a child" become the forefront of this community, multi-expert driven approach to short-term and long-term care, for any child that needs it.


The Maeville Pediatric team worked hand in hand with Kubis Interactive’s senior creative strategist and branding expert Ioana Odeh to work through the naming, color and iconography definition, and brand building that resulted in the creation of a vibrant, empathetic brand that prioritized community, mental and physical health, and a hands on physical environment for members of the practice’s tiny tribe.