Lone Star Flight Museum

Website Design & Build

As the Lone Star Flight Museum was set to take flight to a new facility at the Ellington Airfield, the museum needed an open source web platform and website integrations to ensure that not only would the move be smooth, but no time would be loss in the integration process. Along with the construction of a new website, Kubis Interactive worked with the Lone Star flight museum to develop a digital museum-specific functionality on their website to unveil the new locations, as well as partnering with Blackbaud software to make sure that the museum’s event and purchasing integrations worked seamlessly across all platforms. Along with optimizing the SEO for the Museum to attract new customers, Kubis Interactive works to this day to ensure functionality across the website.


Website Design & Build

When Streetwise Retail Advisors, one of the top independent commercial real estate brokers in the region, was ready to break away from the group they had they had been affiliated with for a decade, they needed to make sure their online presence would be on par with the industry standards. Working closely with the Branding Agency developing the new name and identity, Kubis Interactive designed and developed an enterprise-level open source website, that integrates with industry-specific APIs to deliver competitive value to our client’s customers.


Mobile App & Build
Video and Graphic Ad

Timewise – It was “time” for Timewise to ditch relying on roadside signs and get digital, with the development of a mobile application that helped their most loyal customers find their nearest Timewise travel or gas station.

purePEDIATRICS and pureLIFE | MD

Brand Identity

How do you make a distinctive idea in the medical landscape become a brand that you can touch and feel, especially as the brand is actively changing? purePEDIATRICS, a beloved Houston concierge pediatric practice known for changing how families receive more personalized and consistent healthcare for their children, and pureLIFE | MD, the newly established adult concierge practice in the Pure medical family. Founded by Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser, purePEDIATRICS had the fundamentals of their brand established but wanted to apply a design and brand standard that allowed for a seamless partnership with its brand new pureLIFE | MD practice, headed by Dr. Dean Nasser.

Culberson For Congress

Website Design & Build

Miss Money Honey

Brand Strategy, Visual Communications,
Website Design & Build

Author Becky Page has been committed to bringing her literary heroine from the page to the stage, but how would she make Miss Money Honey come alive digitally?

Dr. Fred Aguilar

Website Design and Development

Fred Aguilar wanted his surgical practice to resemble the best of his business; feature-focused, informative, and comfortable for patients and potential patients.

Dr. Mary F. Riley, DDS

Brand Strategy, Visual Communications,
Website Design & Build

One of Houston’s longest-serving dental practices, Dr. Mary Riley wanted to create a website that nodded to her thirty-plus years serving Houston, while ensuring customers knew that her aesthetic restorative dental practice was state of the art with a site to match.

AGIL Rebrand

Full Rebranding, Product Packaging, Website Re-design and Development

When Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith and the AGIL Foundation wanted to take the AGIL product line in a new direction, one that fit with the renovated style of Dr. Susan’s new practice and the design positioning of her brands, Kubis Interactive was thrilled to collaborate and breathe new life into an already successful AGIL product line.

AGIL Packaging Design


AGIL’s renovated branding paired the elegance and pageantry of a product that celebrates women catering to themselves, and the ecology and worldliness of a product that gives back to women in need of healthcare in underdeveloped portions of the world. Each and every product in the AGIL line led with the elegance of the brand, combined with the minimalism at the foundation of how each and every product is made; by a renowned gynecologist who understands that essential ingredients and a healthy routine are the basics to more optimal aging.