purePEDIATRICS and pureLIFE | MD

Brand Identity

How do you make a distinctive idea in the medical landscape become a brand that you can touch and feel, especially as the brand is actively changing? purePEDIATRICS, a beloved Houston concierge pediatric practice known for changing how families receive more personalized and consistent healthcare for their children, and pureLIFE | MD, the newly established adult concierge practice in the Pure medical family. Founded by Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser, purePEDIATRICS had the fundamentals of their brand established but wanted to apply a design and brand standard that allowed for a seamless partnership with its brand new pureLIFE | MD practice, headed by Dr. Dean Nasser.

Culberson For Congress

Website Design & Build

Miss Money Honey

Brand Strategy, Visual Communications,
Website Design & Build

Author Becky Page has been committed to bringing her literary heroine from the page to the stage, but how would she make Miss Money Honey come alive digitally?

Dr. Fred Aguilar

Website Design and Development

Fred Aguilar wanted his surgical practice to resemble the best of his business; feature-focused, informative, and comfortable for patients and potential patients.

Dr. Mary F. Riley, DDS

Brand Strategy, Visual Communications,
Website Design & Build

One of Houston’s longest-serving dental practices, Dr. Mary Riley wanted to create a website that nodded to her thirty-plus years serving Houston, while ensuring customers knew that her aesthetic restorative dental practice was state of the art with a site to match.

Agil Wellness

Website Design and Build,
E-commerce, Photography, Social Media

“When Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith came to us, along with launching Dr. Susan and the Complete Midlife Wellness Center websites, wanted to develop an e-commerce solution that would allow her to properly market and sell her AGIL Wellness product line. Developed as a product to financially benefit the AGIL Foundation, a charity that helps provide women in developing countries necessary medical support otherwise unavailable to them, the AGIL Wellness was made to help women approach the process of aging with optimal results.


Website Design & Build

When Paper City declared that “Houston has lots of restaurants, but none of them are quite like Turner’s,” we knew in a similar vein that keeping one of the city’s premier high dining experiences fresh and innovative in it’s digital plane was a must. Like many of the other projects that Kubis and Berg Hospitality collaborated on, Turner’s wanted to ensure the atmosphere it was seeking to create physically was properly represented on it’s website. Down to ensuring the website paid homage to the carefully selected decor and waitstaff’s uniforms, the Turner’s website was a labor of love that accompanied the restaurant’s 2020 launch.

B.B. Italia

Brand Strategy, Visual Communications,
Website Design & Build

B.B. Italia was founded upon a simple concept; what would happen if we could track down real Italian ingredients in Texas? With restauranter Ben Berg’s guiding hand, B.B. Italia sought to stake its claim as one of Houston’s top premium-casual restaurants of Italian-American fare, combining some of the classic recipes of generational Italian cookbooks with the top-shelf service that the Berg Hospitality group offered.

The Urbane Society

Brand Story, Naming, Brand Strategy, App Design & Build,
Social Media, Business Consultancy

It’s one of Houston’s most interesting experiments and social societies. A top-notch, members-only mobile application, that holds the door open to some of Houston’s most unique high society destinations for people between the age of 21-49, allowing them to treat themselves and their corporate partners to exclusive privileges at various restaurants and establishments. Society socialites can enjoy specialty rates, exclusive perks, and members-only events that allow them to enter these spaces earlier, and at a better rate than they otherwise could have.

The Annie

Re-branding, Website Design & Build

When Houston restauranter Benjamin Berg and Chef Robert del Grande collaborated to open The Annie Cafe and Bar in 2019, Kubis Interactive helped to bring the timeless look to the digital forefront.