The Buzbee Law Firm

Website Design and Build

The Buzbee Law Firm exists for one reason: to pursue and achieve stellar results for their clients, who are often working people, small businesses, the disadvantaged and “underdogs” who have suffered injury or harm due to the negligence of others.


There are thousands of nameless, faceless attorneys who fill the top floors of many of the office buildings in every major city in the United States — there is no one like Tony Buzbee. That’s why we were so delighted to be involved in a project that not only has a vision and purpose, but also connects the community and gives back.

With this premise in mind, Kubis recently designed and built the brand website for the firm, showcasing their philosophy, services, and most importantly their wins. The efforts were directed entirely toward implementing best practices in usability, design, and SEO. The result has made us extremely pleased.