Gaining Empowerment in Middle School

Brand Strategy

For children entering middle school, life can be challenging. Yet in Houston, Texas, where hundreds of preteens are entering school with one or both of their parents incarcerated, it can be the beginning of a dangerous cycle that will permeate their lives.


Fixing and providing an outlet for youths across Houston, GEMS came to Kubis Interactive wanting to create graphic and branding elements that caught the attention of both the affected age group, and donors in the community. GEMS, an offshoot program from Cherish Our Children Inc. focused on middle school-aged children, wanted an image that balanced appealing to kids of all backgrounds and interests, while also providing them the warm and soft reassurance that there was hope by breaking the cycle of incarceration.

Kubis Interactive worked to ensure that the typography, logo, and color palette of GEMS was simultaneously honest and interesting to multiple target audiences while trying to keep the focus on the message of the program rather than try too hard to be cool or colorful. Kubis’s work with GEMS was done in partnership with the non-profit, based on the shared belief that it’s better for everyone to find their worth and purpose during these pivotal moments of childhood development, with the right mentorship and community in place to ensure the routine of multi-generational incarceration stops with our work and involvement.