Dominique Sachse

Art Direction, Brand Development, Website Design and Build, Youtube Channel Management

Dominique Sachse is one of Houston’s prominent voices, a longtime anchor for KPRC Channel 2 news, who felt like she had more to say. After communicating with fans over the years who tuned into her nightly reports, discussing not the subjects of the reports but “What were you wearing” or “how did you get your makeup to look like that,” Dominique ditched the emails and jumped in front of her natural home… the camera.


Dominique Sachse TV started in 2014 on YouTube, with the goal of simply helping her audience get an understanding of how she accomplished her unique look each and every day through helpful tips on makeup, fashion, and healthy living. Over the course of five years, Dominique partnered with Kubis to not only actively help grow her brand and develop her art direction, but also to coordinate with her on the Dominique Sachse TV website as her YouTube brand continued to excel. In that time, Dominique was one of the few thousand of channels who accomplished gaining more than a million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views, resulting in a partnership giveaway coordinated with the Kubis Interactive team to celebrate her subscriber community with a “New Year, New You Giveaway.” Kubis Interactive continues to play a role in Dominique’s channel management and ongoing specialty projects.