Complete Midlife Wellness Center

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Inspired to step out of her gynecological practice that she built into one of Houston's most well-known brands, Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith opened the Complete Midlife Wellness Center with the singular focus of guiding women who were past the childbirth phase of their lives with a holistic, relationship-focused practice that emphasized the concept of being well over the normal, run-of-the-mill doctors visit.


Crafting such an innovative practice was arguably as big of a challenge digitally too, marrying Dr. Susan’s brand as an author and speaker with a practice that emphasized a first-of-its-kind, white-glove wellness for women. The result was a page emphasizing the concepts of modernity and style, with pages built for education more than transaction, wrapped in the elegance that matches the waiting room in which you’ll visit upon booking.

for Web Design

on the American Advertising Awards 2022 edition.