The Health Museum

Website Design and Development

When Houston’s acclaimed Health Museum wanted to bring it’s family-focused design and experience to digital, Kubis Interactive was brought in (not unlike the show Magic Schoolbus) to help bring science to life. The Health Museum, known for being event and exhibit focused, wanted to make their digital presence operated in the same matter, with an experience optimized for what’s happening right now.


Kubis worked with the Health Museum to adapt their look and color palette, designed to be geared towards inquisitive elementary and middle school minds, and paired that with a minimalist, easy to use calendar navigation specifically designed to adapt with the museum. As exhibits and calendar events came and went, the website was designed to work in-kind. With easy-to-use tools that work great for everyone between first-time visitors and membership holders, Kubis and The Health Museum’s partnership represented a hallmark in digital innovation supporting a day-to-day business.