Introducing: The Annie

We brought The Annie into 2019 with a brand fresh and website to match the new space after the revamp.

In 1981, the original Cafe Annie opened, and Chef Robert del Grande was thrust into the center of the culinary world, as he combined the old world flavors of French cuisine with the then-new sensation of Texas flavors in modern cuisine. When del Grande and Houston restauranter Benjamin Berg collaborated to revisit he iconic restaurant for 2019, Kubis Interactive helped to bring the timeless look to the digital forefront.

Much like their other work with the Berg Hospitality group, including B&B Butchers, B.B. Italia, and B.B. Lemon, Kubis Interactive’s strategy team worked with the Berg digital team to make sure that everything about The Annie was reflected in their website. From the iconic green-and-white color scheme to the aesthetic of the restaurant being reflected on each page, to ensuring that the in-house dining experience was replicated in each and every dish on the website. The Kubis and Berg teams worked together seamlessly to ensure that both the desktop and mobile experience fully incorporate the restaurant experience, and continue to maintain the website so it stays current.