Dominique Sachse Reaches Landmark Subscriber Milestone

Dominique Sachse reached a million subscribers on her YouTube channel centered on her best tips on beauty, hair, and lifestyle.

For Houstonians, the name Dominique Sachse immediately conjures an image of one of the city’s most trusted news anchors, providing families around the Texas metropolitan area with nightly updates with updates both big and small. Yet in 2014, Dominique realized that she wanted to connect with a different audience, one that had been contacting her via email and personal message. “How did you do your makeup?” “Where is that mascara from?” “Is that a new haircut? Who did it!?”

Dominique stopped being behind on emails, and started being in front of the camera, this time placed in different areas of her house, talking frankly to her viewers at home. Whether it’s about why she’s wearing a certain shade and where she found it, how to get 7 looks out of one pair of jeans, or even how to tie a scarf. Her vibrance and honesty as she talked directly to a class of viewers who were looking for these answers resonated with millions of people, and in October 2019, Dominique Sachse TV passed the million subscriber mark on YouTube.

Dominique worked intimately with Kubis Interactive throughout the process, including coordinating a giveaway of a lifetime along with Dominique to celebrate the milestone and the community that made it happen. From developing her website to coordinating on select special projects and videos, Kubis Interactive is lucky to have played a role in Dominique’s journey. Learn more about Kubis Interactive’s work with Dominique. Learn More