Inside: The Creative Brief

When you start a project with Kubis Interactive, one of the first things we ask for is a client brief. Though there is a lot we ask for upfront, it’s by no means busy work or fluff; our decades of combined experience have taught us that we need to have an intimate idea of the client’s positioning, and our process of identifying these digital needs often leads us to have conversations that are important to the overall process.

We talked to our head of strategy, Ioana Odeh, about what she looks for in each and every creative brief that she works on. The first person that many of our clients talk to when developing the branding of their business, Ioana is looking for as much information as you can provide as possible, but she finds to be the initial de-brief to be just as important. “It’s always great to have the initial conversation with the client because that’s where the creative appetite can be worked out. It’s also where the smallest comment or seemingly insignificant detail can plant a seed for a larger piece of the creative brief.”

Then, it’s Ioana’s turn. After all materials have been submitted, she gets to work building, everything from branding decks to website creative to everything possibly needed for the visual and functional representation of the client project at hand. Ioana says “I take my time and design a brief that is clear, concise, strategic, insightful, and imaginative. The brief is always accompanied by visual territories.”

Ioana’s advice to clients of Kubis about to undergo this process? Make sure the right people are involved in the process to get the right result. Be thorough. Most importantly, don’t hold a thing back. “It’s vital to be straightforward in terms of objectives, target, and holistic business vision”