We're always up-to-date with various industries and lines of business, so we can tackle any challenge head-on.


Medical services, pharmaceutical studies and groundbreaking research make our hearts tick every time: we have extensive experience building and working with solutions that are HIPAA and PCI compliant, and we offer full services in the domain of pharma marketing and adjacent fields. 

Real Estate

Over the years we've built a solid foundation and interest for commercial real-estate brokerage and development, together with apartment leasing, including real estate corporate solutions and luxury condos. 


We have developed local and international projects regarding investment and financial services, plus various banking and credit card solutions, and we never shy away from sharing our e-banking expertise. If revenue growth and profitability ring the same bells,  stop by for a chat.


We've got an active background in most energy sectors, as we have closely collaborated with industry giants, equity funds and emerging companies in the past years. Therefore, we're ready to fuel up your business. 


With Houston as our backbone, it's safe to say that our expertise is solid when it comes to steel and other metals, trench shoring equipment, industrial logistics parks, manufacturing or transportation equipment, and any other key industries. 

Retail & FMCG

We're all about renewing the oldest tricks in the book and driving your sales full speed towards profit. To achieve this, we use the latest online retail techniques plus clever e-mail marketing, branded utility mobile apps integrated with product launches, awesome package design and many other gadgets.

Fitness & Health

Knowing how to keep your business fit is part of our job: we've developed many platforms and campaigns that involve fresh perspectives on the balance between mind, body and spirit. So, while our clients are busy expanding, we're busy juicing up their online know-how.


As a general online manager of at least a dozen famous restaurants and related industries, we can tell you that innovation and determination taste delicious when put together. Mix these with mouth-watering newsletters and daily updates, back-end tinkering add many different platforms and you'll understand why hospitality is one of our main talents. 


Actual or emerging, we love tech in any form and size and our background proves it: we have outstanding expertise with large consumer telecom providers, which also involves telecom equipment and intranet manufacturers, system carriers, DAS networking and building, and among many other things, we pride ourselves with launching new software. Just don't ask us about the Large Hadron Collider. 

Not for Profit Organizations

Good deeds go a long way. To that extent, we've created, delivered and succesfully funded Kickstarter campaigns, while building fundraising platforms from scratch. More so, in order to create more engagement with their donors and stakeholders, we've helped streamline NGO's online platforms through mobile applications and other nifty quirks. What can we say, we like NGO's and helping out.  


Quick question - how do you separate advertising from entertainment? Just joking, you don't. You piece them together like any solved puzzle. Did we mention that we're very good at it?


Good ideas that work need no introduction. We'll set them in motion, you just continue living the dream-come-true.